Information for Retailers

Coronavirus update - November 2020

Now that the nationwide lockdown has ended, we will continue to keep you informed of any changes to our working patterns and services.

Wholesale Helpdesk

Our wholesale helpdesk team will continue as normal, working from the office, with full availability on webchat and the phonelines.

Bilateral jobs

Those bilateral jobs that are currently in progress will continue to be progressed with best endeavours and only placed into deferral due to Covid where the customer confirms closure or asks us to ring back after the lockdown is lifted. Any businesses which we would expect to be open as normal but where we cannot contact the customer will follow the current ‘No Contact’ process.

In the cases where you know your customer’s business is closed, please do not raise any new bilateral jobs that would require a site visit, to avoid the deferral queue from backing up. If you manage to confirm that a business is closed but the customer has agreed for the work to carry on (on site) please make this really clear on the new bilaterals you raise.

Bilaterals such as allowances and complaints that don’t require site visits can continue to be submitted even if the business is closed.

We will then update you closer to the proposed end date, 3rd December, and in good time with any further changes or reversion to normal practices whichever is appropriate at the time.

Internal site visits

Unlike the last time we will be continuing to make internal visits, albeit under best endeavours. We will continue to contact customers with a view to getting appointments made but if the business is shut the deferral will continue until such time as they can gain access.

Vacancy Status Flags

There will be no return to the use of the vacancy flag according to a statement released from OFWAT and MOSL.

To manage the accounts for customers who have closed, we recommend retailers to get up to date meter readings into the market as soon as reasonably practicable to allow a proper reflection of reduced usage.

As a retailer, you will find Severn Trent Wholesale to be reliable, responsive and easy to do business with.

Access SWIM-Pool Portal

You can login to submit bilateral forms and see updates on your submissions. Please access the SWIM portal using your User ID and password provided by STW.

If you do not have a User ID then please contact your Retail Account Manager.

Access to the Planned/Unplanned Portal

You can login to view live information about planned and unplanned interruptions. Please access the PUP using your
User ID and password provided by STW. If you do not have a User ID then please
contact your Retail Account Manager.

Meter Reading Services

Severn Trent do NOT offer a meter reading service to Retailers. The exception to this is for Non-Market Meters Pending Transfer (see our Wholesale Scheme of Charges PDF for further details)  



Disconnections and Reconnections Accredited Entities

Accredited Entities

We allow accredited entities to temporarily disconnect and subsequently reconnect non-household customers connected to our network following instruction from you, for non-payment. They must be accredited as a Water Industry Registration Scheme – Accredited Entity (WIRSAE) provider by Lloyds to carry out disconnections and reconnections for non-payment of retailer invoices within our operational area.

To find out more please refer to our WIRSAE Addendum, disconnections and reconnections policy and wholesale tariff documents – all of which are on this page. Details of the Accredited Entity scheme and how to apply for accreditation are available on the Lloyds Register website.

Document download for Retailers (PDFs)

Gap Site Incentive

As of 1 April 2020 we offer a gap site incentive scheme designed to incentivise business retailers to identify eligible premises that are not registered in the Central Market Operating system (CMOS). We offer an incentive payment where you identify a gap site that is subsequently successfully registered (with a status of “tradable”) in CMOS.

You can download or read a PDF about our eligibility rules [PDF], and check on outstanding and completed applications if you'd like to.

Schedule 3 Alternative Credit Support Agreements


We publish indicative wholesale charges for the coming year in October and these are finalised in January each year. We also notify retailers in advance when we are planning to make significant changes to the way we charge. You can read more about our charges here.

How to get in touch

For general enquiries please email the Wholesale Market Unit at  or contact your

dedicated Account Manager.


You can contact the FSC for enquiries about your invoice on:

By email:

By phone:  02477 715904

Our operational and emergency contact number is: 0800 783 4444.  

The Operational Service Centre is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

You should use this number to report the following (not exhaustive)

  • no water
  • low pressure
  • water leak/burst
  • sewage leak
  • taste & odour