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Plan and strategy
We have now agreed our business plan for 2015-20 with our economic regulator, Ofwat. The plan delivers better services and lower bills for our customers.

Our plan

We'd like to thank the 15,000 customers who took part in our consultation. Your views have helped to create a plan which is driven by – and for – our customers with more investment, higher standards of service and below inflation price rises over the five year period.

What are we planning to do by 2020?

Better Value

Our household customers already have the lowest average water and sewerage bills combined in England and Wales. Our 2015-2020 plan (PDF) will deliver even better value for money for our customers with a ‘price freeze’ in 2015, followed by below inflation rises for the next four years to 2020.

Better services

  • Continued high quality drinking water.
  • A more reliable service, with all visible leaks fixed within 24 hours.
  • A further 6% reduction in levels of leakage.
  • Fewer interruptions to supply, ensuring our water is always there when you need it.
  • Fewer sewer flooding incidents, ensuring waste water is safely taken away.
  • An excellent customer service, with less effort to get things sorted.
  • More support for customers who are struggling to pay their bills.

A healthier environment

  • Fewer pollution incidents.
  • A 6% reduction in our carbon footprint by reducing waste and generating more of our own energy.
Quality water

Quality water is at the heart of what we do. Our objective is to provide you with water that is good to drink.

There's a lot for us to do to make sure rain water becomes clean, safe drinking water.  As our customer you can be confident that your drinking water is amongst the best in Europe.

To keep your water good to drink however, we need to continually improve our water treatment and keep our rivers, reservoirs and underground water free from pollution and our pipes and water mains clean.

What are we planning to do by 2020?

We'll keep providing you with water that is of the highest standard.

We need to keep working with farmers and others to help reduce the amount of pesticides and other pollutants which can enter where we take untreated water from. You'll benefit as this will avoid the need for expensive water treatment.

We'll invest to improve and maintain our highest priority water treatment processes, as well as refurbish or rebuild our highest priority service reservoirs.

Over time, iron and other deposits can build up in water mains. These deposits are harmless, but can cause water to be discoloured. By proactively cleaning our water pipes we want to reduce the number of customers who experience discoloured water by 2020.

Your water quality

If you'd like to know more detail about the water quality or hardness in your area, you can use our water quality postcode search.

Services you can rely on

We want to provide you with a reliable water and waste water service. You can expect an excellent customer experience as part of that.

Affordable bills

With some households struggling to make ends meet, keeping our bills affordable has never been so important. Our objective is to have the lowest possible charges, and to help you if you struggle.

Today, our average combined household bills are the lowest in England and Wales. We want to continue to improve our efficiency so that we can keep them as low as possible in the future.

Unfortunately, we can’t control all of our running costs. Rising energy prices, taxes and regulatory fees push up costs. We also need to keep investing to meet higher legal and environmental standards. So it's important we do what we can to make savings on the costs we can control.

We also know that some of our customers may struggle to pay their bills, particularly in these tough economic times. We want to find ways to help them pay their bills that best suit their needs and circumstances.

What are we planning to do by 2020?

We'll continue to become more efficient. This includes generating more of our own energy so that we can protect our costs against electricity price rises. We'll also keep costs down by introducing smarter technology, using more simple processes and working with other organisations with shared aims.

If you struggle to pay your bill, we already have a range of ways to help you, such as Water Direct, WaterSure, The Severn Trent Fund and the Big Difference Fund. In the future we want to expand the help we provide and ensure the support available reaches customers who need it most.

How are we helping today? 

If you are struggling to pay your bills, find out about how we can help you. You may also be able to save money on your water bill by switching to a meter.

Responsible business

You trust that we're a responsible business that respects the environment and the communities where we work.  We want to make a positive difference.

Sustainable finance

We want our customers today, and in the future, to only pay as much as they need to for the service we provide. Our objective is to finance our business in a sustainable way.

We'll need to continue to invest to maintain our services and make our huge network of pipes, sewers and treatment works fit for the future.

Around one third of your bill goes towards paying the costs of financing, but without borrowing and shareholder investment, your bill would be much higher.

What are we planning to do by 2020?

We want you to trust that we won’t take on too much debt, or pay our investors unjustified returns. And if we do better than we expected due to innovation and hard work, the benefits should be shared between shareholders and our customers.

In future, we plan to be more open with you about the performance we are delivering. If we fail to deliver our promises, we'll look to reduce your bills.

Get involved

Any member of the public can invest in Severn Trent and thousands of our customers and employees are shareholders too. Find out more about investing in Severn Trent on our investor pages.

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