About us

As one of Britain’s largest water companies, we impact on the lives of millions of people across the Midlands, from the outskirts of Sheffield, down to Bristol, and into north and mid-Wales.

What we do

We provide over eight million people across our region with fresh, clean drinking water every day – that’s about two billion litres. And when they’ve finished with it, we take it away again and clean and treat it before returning it safely to the environment. 

To make sure that our customers can continue to enjoy our product for years to come we’re investing more than £6bn between 2020 and 2025 on new and existing assets like pipes, treatment works and reservoirs.

We do all this while continuing to offer one of the lowest average combined bills in the country.

Wonderful on tap

We think water’s wonderful. It plays a critical role in all our lives.

It’s the shower that wakes us up, the hot bath that relaxes us before bed. We cook with it… grow gardens with it… have fun with it. Oh yes, and it keeps us alive!


Whether it’s supporting local businesses, offering a great day out at our reservoir sites or investing in the young people in our region, we've an important role to play.

Caring for our environment

How we’re dealing with the risks posed by climate change, pressure on water supplies, switching to greener energy and improving biodiversity.

Our responsibilities and plans

Read our most recent news releases and our plans for the future.

Regulatory library

A library of our most recent and historic documents, including our Annual Performance Report (APR), Scheme of Charges, Licence Conditions and Green Recovery Report.