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Managing land and our water catchments

Managing land and our water catchments across our region to protect river health and water quality.

Managing land and our water catchments across our region to protect river health and water quality

How agricultural land in our catchments is managed is one of the key determinants of our region’s biodiversity and ecosystem health, not only on land but also under water.

While sewer overflows and pressure from built-up areas have an impact on water quality, currently 36% of pollution across England can be attributed to agricultural and rural management, therefore making it the largest single contributor to the failure to meet the government’s targets for good ecological status in rivers.

Tackling pollutants where they happen is the most sustainable and cost efficient way to ensure we achieve this. It means when the water reaches our treatment works, we not only save money on treating it but it also avoids generating greenhouse gas emissions from the treatment processes. 

We treat every catchment we work in individually and our dedicated team work hard to develop a unique approach for each one.. We have developed a range of tools which take account of the different pressures on water quality, and differing land management techniques and which help us to deliver wonderful water in the most sustainable way possible.

It is in our interests as a water company to improve this. We estimate that for every £1 we spend to reduce runoff of phosphates, nitrates, and other agricultural chemicals through our catchment management programmes, we avoid £2 - £20 of treatment costs and generate £4 of wider environmental benefits. Through our work in the agricultural sector we have been able to negate the need for £74 million of investment in our treatment processes.

Get River Positive

We’re passionate about making a positive impact on the communities and the environment where we live and work.

So, it makes sense for us to take a leading role in not only protecting them, but also going beyond that and enhancing them too.

Get River Positive is our five pledges to take a leading role in ensuring that our region’s rivers are as healthy as possible.​