About Us

Farm to Tap

Helping farmers manage and minimise run off into raw water courses and reduce the impact on the water environment.

Working together for healthy crops and clean water

We know that farmers need all the right tools to do the job. This includes using plant protection products that are needed to grow healthy and sustainable crops, that allow farm enterprises to thrive.

That’s why we work with farms to understand how and when pesticides are used. Helping them to manage and minimise run off into raw water courses and reduce the impact on the water environment and the health of our rivers.

To produce the best water we can, in a sustainable way for our customers, we need to use less chemicals and energy to remove pesticides. To do this we run our Farm to Tap Schemes.

Mitigating diffuse pollution from pesticides

Each catchment and farm has is it’s own unique challenges. Our advisors work with farms to identify which of our pesticide schemes will work for the, depending on the following:

  • Which river or groundwater reservoir catchment your land sits within
  • The type of crops you grow and which pesticides you might use.

If you’re eligible to join the scheme, we work with you on a reward basis to either use less, adopt an alternative product or change farm practices and use other cultural methods.

The schemes and pesticides in question are variable, depending on your catchment, and are run annually.

Our most recent scheme, worked with farmers to help mitigate the impact that pesticides and other run-off from farmland was having on drinking water, with a particular focus on reducing and mitigating the use of metaldehyde (a recently banned substance used in slug pellets), and impossible to treat.

Farm to Tap is currently closed

Our scheme is currently closed, as we review our priorities and which actives present a risk to drink water quality.

To find out what schemes will be running in future you can email our Farming for Water team.