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Environmental Information Regulations 2004

The Environmental Information Regulations (EIR) 2004 allow public access to environmental information held by public authorities. 

The Environmental Information Regulations (EIR) 2004 allow public access to environmental information held by public authorities in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.   

In February 2015, all water and sewerage undertakers were included as public authorities specifically for EIR. 

Please note, Severn Trent Water is not subject to the Freedom of Information Act 2000. 

Environmental information you can request

This means that anyone can ask us to supply environmental information on any of the following:   

  • The state of the elements of the environment and the interaction among these elements (for example, water, air, soil or land) 
  • Factors affecting or likely to affect those elements (for example, radiation, noise, energy or waste) 
  • Measures or activities affecting, or likely to affect, those factors or elements, or designed to protect those elements (for example, spend or maintenance) 
  • Reports on the implementation of environmental legislation 
  • Cost-benefit and other economic analyses and assumptions used within the framework of those measures and activities 
  • The state of human health and safety, conditions of human life, cultural sites and built structures in as much as they are or may be affected by those elements. 

Submitting an Environmental Information Regulations request

Before you submit a request, take a look through the environmental information we already publish. You might find the information you need in those documents. You can read our environmental plans and documentation in our regulatory library.

Prices for environmental information requests

We will normally charge £25 for each hour of employee time spent on your request. In addition we will charge 10p for every sheet of paper we need to print or copy as well as the cost of first class postage if you ask for the information to be provided in this format. For large scale or complex requests, we may ask for some or all payment of our charges in advance or by payment in stages.

We will not ask for payment if the information is held by us in a readily available form and/or if is unlikely to take us an hour to respond to your request. We may waive some or all of our charges in other circumstances where this is reasonable.

Sometimes we’re unable to give you the information you’ve asked for 

Occasionally we may not be able to meet your request for environmental information. This could be for several reasons, including:  

  • We do not hold the requested information 
  • The requested information is not subject to the provisions of the Environmental Information Regulations 2004  
  • The public interest case to not disclose the information outweighs the public interest case to disclose the information 


The information we provide in our response to your Environment Information Request is taken from the information we hold on our records as at the date indicated. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of this information and it should not be relied on for any purpose. 

Further information

For further information about environmental information, you can visit the following websites:

If you are not happy with how your request has been handled

If we respond to a request but you do not feel that we have dealt with it appropriately you have the right to complain using our internal complaints procedure. Please email us with the details of your complaint or write to us at: 

Data Protection Officer 
2 St John's Street