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Welcome to Farm to Tap – our scheme that focuses on managing pesticides and the other impacts of diffuse water pollution that comes from farms, and other land users.  You might know this scheme as Farmers as Producers of Clean Water.  We decided to change the name of the scheme, so that it reflects the important role water plays in all of our everyday lives.    

Are you eligible to join?

To join the scheme, you need to meet the below criteria:  

  • You are growing winter wheat and/or oil seed rape this autumn.
  • Your winter wheat and/or oilseed rape is in one of our priority catchments:
    • Lower Derwent**
    • Cropston
    • Middle Severn
    • Whitacre Bourne and Blythe
    • Cound  
    • Teme
    • Shropshire Middle Severn
    • Avon
    • Worcestershire Severn
    • Leam
    • Staunton Harold**

** If your land is located in Lower Derwent or Staunton Harold, this scheme is not available in your catchment area - we offer a variation, which still includes the £25 early bird bonus. Please contact your agri advisor for further details and who can discuss the options available specifically to you.

Interested in signing up? Request a call back from your local agricultural advisor

Refer a Farm Friend*

The more farms involved in helping reduce the usage of metaldehyde on farm and the levels found in raw water the better. That’s why this year we’ve introduced a referral reward for farmers/land owners signing up. The more who sign up in your catchment or sub-catchment the higher the chances of everyone getting a bonus for cleaner run off and clear water quality testing.

Here’s how:

  • When signing up to Farm to Tap, simply provide your agri advisor with your farm friends details, you will need to ask their permission before you do this.      
  • It might be a good idea to check that they are in the right catchment and have met the eligibility criteria, in the same way you have.
  • If they’re happy to be referred, pass on their details to your agri advisor – they’ll check they aren’t already signed up and that they are eligible.
  • Once they’ve signed up your agri advisor will let you know and you’ll receive your £10 for each friend at the end of the scheme in February/March 2019·        
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