Workshops and visits

The Severn Trent education team offers a range of free workshops and visits.

The Wonderful Water Tour is an innovative educational roadshow created to inspire and educate children across our region all about the wonderful world of water.

We live and breathe water at Severn Trent. Not a day passes without us exploring new ways to source it, look after it and ensure all our customers can enjoy it every day of the year.

Our passionate team of Education Officers are determined to visit every primary school in our region to share this knowledge, offering a range of free activities as well as site visits for primary schools and community groups

Primary school visits

We offer assembly sessions and workshops. Most schools choose both options as they work well together and help inspire the children.

Our team of educators are experts in making our free sessions interactive, informative and most of all fun! We’d love to host an assembly in person or if you prefer we can deliver it through our livestream video option. 

Interactive buses

We can bring our two amazing interactive buses to your school, community centre or local event, helping children from ages 7 to 11 to bring the wonders of water to life.

You can arrange for both buses to come to your event, or just one of them depending on the needs and goal of your event.

The Digibus provides an immersive digital experience.

Put on some virtual reality glasses and enter a world where you can track a raindrop from the sky, through the water treatment process, to the home, back through the sewers and the waste treatment process, before it travels out to the river.

You’ll also be able to watch an animated video where our characters, Molly and Robbie, take you on a journey across the world to see how vital water is followed by an interactive quiz to see what you’ve learnt.

Step into the role of a water worker!

Imagine yourself as a scientist, an engineer, a call centre operative and much more to learn what it’s like to work in the water industry.

You'll be able to play games like ‘flush it or bin it’ and ‘fix the pipes’ to learn why we need to value water as a precious resource.

You can register your interest in having a visit from our buses and our team will get in touch you to discuss what's possible.

Classroom workshops

All the workshops that we offer are 1 hour long and designed to be hosted in a classroom environment. Children will often break off into smaller groups to do an activity as part of the workshops. We will provide all resources/equipment needed for each workshop.

The Water Street workshop is a great choice if your class is currently learning about the water cycle and ways to conserve water. It’s also a hit with Eco-councils/groups! This workshop gives an interactive insight into the water cycle and Severn Trent’s journey of water.

The class then break off into groups to carry out a measuring activity where each group will look at how various families use water. Will their family be water wasters or water savers? (This activity involves measuring water in millilitres so please bear this in mind when choosing the year groups that you’d like involved). 

Our Sewer Soup workshop is the choice for you if your class is learning about filtration, sustainability and how we clean our water. A favourite with many of our classes, your children will create their own sewage as a class, letting us know what should (and shouldn’t!) go down the sink and the toilet.

They then have a task to attempt to clean and filter the ‘sewage’ after watching a video to show how we do this for real. This is a fun, interactive introduction to the waste-water treatment process will get the whole class thinking about what may cause blockages and how we can avoid them. 

Our Hydration Heroes workshops is great for thinking about why water is so important for us a humans and why/how our bodies need water to survive.

Children can explore the benefits of staying hydrated by completing our athlete card game, creating their own meal activity as well as colouring in their own pee chart to take home! (Yes you heard that right, there really is such a thing as a pee chart!)

Quotes from past participants

Community groups and Educational site tours

We offer a range of sessions and workshops for community groups and free site tours for schools.

County Advisor name Phone number Contact online
The Black Country and Shropshire Chris Harper 07703 718 459 Contact Chris
Derbyshire Leanne Town
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Coventry and Warwickshire Beth Parker 07980 725 923 Contact Beth
Gloucestershire and Worcestershire
Rob Jansen 07890 897 168 Contact Rob
Nottinghamshire Chloe Morley
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Leicestershire Phil Pearce 07703 718 340 Contact Phil
Birmingham and Central
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Staffordshire Lucy Farmer 07971542616 Contact Lucy
Senior Education Officer Maxine Smith 07811 586 746 Contact Maxine
Senior Education Officer Megan Aplin 07966 152 269 Contact Megan

School or college careers events

We try to attend as many careers events at schools and colleges in our region as possible. With so many educational insitutions in our area, we can't always get to every event.

If you're interested in a career in the water industry, and you weren't able to speak to us at a careers event or would just like to know more, please get in touch with us at and we'll answer your questions. We'd love to hear from you!