Arthur Jones and the Fatberg of Doom

In Arthur Jones and the Fatberg of Doom, aquatic adventurer Arthur returns for another exploration around the world of water.

The sequel to Arthur Jones and the Genie of the Tap, this time he takes a journey into the grimey underworld home of the fatberg.

Join Arthur Jones on his latest adventure

‘Arthur Jones was a clever young chap, but there were some things even he didn’t know. Sure, he knew how the water got to his tap, but after that – where did it go?’

Join Arthur and the Genie of the Tap on their latest adventure, as they head down in to the sewers…and encounter the dreaded Fatberg of Doom!

You’ll learn what happens to your water after it disappears down the sink…

And, that the only things you should flush down the loo, are toilet paper, pee and poo!

Arthur Jones

Genie of the Tap

Fatberg of Doom

The only three things that should go down the loo




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