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Save water in the shower

We need your help to show the planet some love! While it seems to rain endlessly in Britain, less than 1% of the world’s water can actually be consumed – the rest of it is either salty seawater or contained in ice caps – so it's important we look after what we've got. 

For every minute in the shower, we use 10 litres of water, so shorter showers can make a big difference - using less energy, reducing carbon emissions and the impact on our beautiful reservoirs. Not to mention it’ll help us to make sure there is enough water for everyone to enjoy for generations to come.


Check our chart to see if you could become a water saving champion!



Do you take super long showers?

A flow chart helping you to find out how you can save water in the shower



Showers make up about 20% of our water usage, so there’s a lot we can do to preserve the planet's tiny 1% of consumable water.

In fact, the average Brit uses almost as much water in their daily shower than a French person uses in a whole day.



What we can all do to help!

There’s lots of ways to help save water and we can help you. Order your free water saving devices today and help protect our planet. You might even save money on your water bill too!