Wonderful on Tap

The Nominee Scheme

We understand some of our customers need someone to help them manage their account. That’s where our nominee scheme helps remove the stress.

Other organisations who can help

We’re not the only people who can help you. There are many organisations, including other utilities companies, charities and Government departments, who can offer advice and support when you need it.

Help setting up understanding and making a lasting power of attorney

You may want to arrange a nominee or give Power of Attorney to somebody who can speak to organisations on your behalf, should you become unable to manage your health, finances and important decisions anymore.

The Office of the Public Guardian is a government department that can help guide you through the process of creating a lasting power of attorney, and how that person will be able to interact with organisations like us for you.

Help with bereavement

We're sorry for your bereavement. The passing away of a loved one is an incredibly emotional time and, if you’re also responsible for dealing with their affairs or estate, it can be a difficult process to notify all the relevant organisations.

The Bereavement Advice Centre provide lots of support and guidance through the practical issues to manage when somebody dies.

If the account is to be closed, please provide us with the date the account holder passed away and the executors details for future correspondence to be sent. If the account can remain open, but the name needs to be changed, please let us know and we can update the details for you. You can send this information over email or by calling us on 03457 500 500.