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Annual performance report summary

We are one of the largest 11 regulated water and sewerage companies in England and Wales. We provide high quality services to around 4.3 million households and business in the Midlands. Our region stretches across the heart of England, from the Bristol Channel to the Humber and Chester, and from Shropshire to the East Midlands.

How your money is spent

Our average household bill for water and sewerage is £348 per year, or just 95 pence per day. And we’re proud to say that this is the lowest combined bill across the whole of England

Our performance this year

Overview of our performance

This has been a really successful year for us as a company. Not only have we been recognised by our regulator as one of the top three companies for our forward looking plans, but we’ve also been recognised for our wider impact of the environment and drive to become a socially purposeful company.

A key success for us this year has been our Catchment Management work where we have successfully engaged with over 2,400 farmers across 26 catchments to help improve practices that will protect raw water quality, meaning our customers have to pay less to treat it to drinking water standard.

We were one of only a handful of companies in the UK to make the triple pledge; that by 2030 we will:

  • Have become carbon neutral;
  • Have 100% electric vehicles (as long as the vehicles are available); and
  • Generate 100% renewable energy.  

In 2019 we launched the World Water Innovation Fund. Joining forces with like-minded companies to find new ways of working to address global water issues, to leave a lasting water legacy for future innovation. Our £5m investment will make a real difference to lives across the world.

As cofounders of Water Aid, we are proud of our contribution to support Water Aid’s goal of getting clean water, toilets and hygiene to the millions of people still living without these basic human rights by 2030.

During the year we have also supported nearly 53,000 customers who were struggling to pay their bills, directly educated over 180,000 customers on water efficiency and sewer misuse and contributed £3.5m to the Severn Trent Trust fund. 73% of our customers consider us to be trustworthy making us the most trusted water company in England, and 85% of customers are satisfied with our service.

We know its important to invest in and look after our people. We were named in the top 50 UK companies to work for by Glassdoor with a 91% approval rating from our staff. Last year our staff took part in over 15,000 training days and 32% of them also volunteered helping plant over 300 trees and improve 34km of riverside.

Below you can see how we performed against some of our key measures. You can also find out about our performance and some of the great things we’ve done in your area by viewing individual counties.