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Foremark Water Sensory Guide

A guide for visitors with cognitive disabilities including autism spectrum disorder.

About Foremark Water

Facilities at Foremark Water

Foremark Water has two main car parks that I may arrive at. These are the Dam Wall car park and the Main car park. 

Arriving at Foremark Water

When I arrive at Foremark Water, I will be in one of the car parks. From here I can decide to relax, explore the trails or tuck into something from the café. 


In  the car park, I might see;

  • Cars, vans and other vehicles
  • Horse riders and their horses
  • Dogs and their owners
  • Curious birds


In the car park, I might hear:

  • Cars and other vehicles
  • Other people talking
  • Dog's barking
  • Birds chirping
  • Children playing in the playground


In the car park I might touch;

  • Bark on the trees
  • Strong winds
  • Tarmac on the floor
  • Stone walls
  • Leaves from plants


In the car park I might smell;

  • Fumes from cars driving by
  • Flowers and other plants
  • The water from the reservoir
  • Food being prepared inn the cafe

On the trails

If I choose to walk on the trails alongside the reservoir, I can find open-spaces, woods and beaches.


On the trails, I might see

  • Long sandstone beaches
  • Nature
  • People walking
  • Information signs


On the trails, I might hear

  • Birds singing
  • Water moving
  • People talking


On the trails, I might touch

  • The bark on the trees
  • Wooden fencing
  • Soil on the ground
  • Sand on your feet


On the trails, I might smell

  • Water from the reservoir
  • Plants and trees
  • Pollen in the air

Carver's rocks

If I explore Carver’s Rocks, I can find ancient rocks, especially protected heather and lots of nature. 


At Carver's Rocks, I might see

  • Other people walking
  • Wildlife
  • A small field of heather
  • Old large rocks


At Carver's Rocks, I might hear

  • Walkers talking
  • Animals
  • Leaves on the trees rustling


At Carver's Rocks, I might touch

  • Wooden bridge railings
  • The wind or the rain
  • Hard stone


At Carver's Rocks, I might smell

  • Plants
  • Damp and rotting wood
  • Fresh air

The Bridleway

If I chose to walk along the bridleway, I can find a mile and a half of straight path, farmers’ fields and lots of trees.


On the bridleway, I might see

  • Horse riders
  • Dog walkers
  • Cyclists
  • Sheep in fields


On the Bridleway, I might hear

  • Sheep in farmers fields
  • Horses neighing
  • Dogs barking
  • Bikes going by
A bridleway path with wooden fence on the left and trees on the right


On the Bridleway, I might touch

  • Wooden fencing
  • Grass in fields
  • Other people brushing past me


On the bridleway, I might smell

  • Manure from the farmers fields
  • Flowers

Tips for a great day out at Foremark Water

  • ·Before I come to Foremark Water, it is a good idea to think about the time I’m going to visit. If I come during school holidays or especially over the summer, it is more likely to be very busy.
  • I should keep to the rules and read the signs around the reservoir, which are there to keep everyone safe. For example, I should not swim or paddle in the reservoir. 
  • I should remember the ranger team are there to help if I need them and I can contact them by calling 01332865081.
  • I can find more information on accessibility at Foremark Water on the website

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