We're offering free home water efficiency checks

Water is wonderful and we want everyone to enjoy it - both now and into the future.  And to help make sure it’s readily available for generations to come, we're offering customers in Nottingham a free home water efficiency check.

Doug Clarke, water efficiency manager, explains: “Saving water can make a big difference to your family, your community and even your pocket too.  It’s never been easier and by making some simple changes, we can help to make sure there’s enough water to go round in the future.  All you need to do is book your appointment for a free home water efficiency check.

“We’ve been running this scheme for a while now, in Coventry and Rugby, and it’s been a huge success.  So we’re really pleased to say that from January 2nd 2018, the scheme will become available to customers in parts of Nottingham.”

So what can you expect?  A team will carry out a full water efficiency check on your home, which will take up to 45 minutes and includes an assessment of your current water use, fitting free water saving devices where possible and providing hints and tips to help you save water around your home.

Doug continues: “We’ll use our water efficiency calculator to work out how much water you use in your home and highlight where any savings can be made, and our technicians will check the flow rate of your taps, shower and toilet to see if you can save water by fitting an appropriate water efficiency device which we’ll supply free of charge. 

“It’s all completely free. You won’t even notice many of the changes – so you can still enjoy your lovely warm baths or showers as you did before.”

There’s more information and a booking form here.