Thank you to all of our customers

Friday 9th March

We’d just like to say a massive thankyou to all of our customers who’ve had problems after the Beast from the East hit, followed by the sudden thaw on Sunday.

That thaw caused a 4,000% increase in the number of burst alarms overnight on Sunday/Monday, followed by complications caused by airlocks and further bursts.

Our engineers worked round the clock to fix those bursts, vulnerable customers had supplies hand delivered, volunteers gave out hundreds of thousands of litres of bottled water, and the company’s tanker fleet was out and about pumping directly into the network to get water to everyone.

Sarah Bentley, Chief Customer Officer at Severn Trent, said: “We’re just so incredibly sorry that homes and communities were left without water as a result of the unprecedented weather.

“We know how hard it was to not have water, and just how difficult it makes everyday life, which is why we can’t apologise enough to everyone who was affected.

“And, after the last few days, we just wanted to say thankyou to all of our customers for their patience, messages of support, good cheer and fortitude as we worked through the issues.”

Severn Trent has already announced it will be paying compensation to homes affected by the issues over the past few days. Any domestic customer who was off supply for more than 12 continuous hours, or who was intermittently off supply for more than 15 hours, will receive £30.

Domestic customers who will be receiving compensation do not need to do anything and will be contacted in the coming weeks. We’re always happy to discuss compensation claims from anyone who’s been affected on a case by case basis.

We’ll also be working with business customers and their retailers who were also affected.

Customers who collected bottled water from one of our sites, can recycle any empty bottles as normal. 

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