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Surface water drainage

For most customers, the rain that falls on your roof, driveway and other parts of your property will drain away into one of our public sewers. This is surface water, and the cost of removing and processing this is included in your bill.

If the surface water wasn't removed, it could cause damage to your home, and garden, your paths and your driveways. It can appear as Surface Water Drainage, or be included in your sewerage charges. 

There are some properties where the surface water flows through a soakaway or into a stream. If so, that water won't be heading into the public sewer. If this is the case for you, and you're being billed for surface water, you can apply for a reduction in your charges by contacting us.


How surface water drainage charges are calculated

Surface Water Drainage is charged as part of your waste water services.

Most homes are due to pay this charge, as are buildings that have a shared roof such as flats or apartments. If you are billed based on the Rateable Value (RV) of your home, the charges are worked out using the RV figure.

If you've got a water meter, or are billed on Assessed Charges the Surface Water Drainage cost will be calculated based on the property type (flat/terraced, semi-detached, or detached).

For further information and the amount that is charged to you, see our Scheme of Charges.


Applying for a reduction to surface water charges

It can be tricky to work out if your surface water drains into the public sewer.

If you live on a new build estate, it may have been built with soakaways, or it may be connected to Severn Trent sewers or private sewers which may be adopted by Severn Trent in the future.

If you live on the borders of our region, you may receive sewerage services from another water company. Your bill will clearly state if this is the case. If you do, you'll need to contact your sewerage provider to see if you can claim a reduction from them.

Contact us if you think you qualify for a reduction in your surface water drainage charges and we'll be happy to look into it for you. 

Our surface water scheme to backdate payments to 2014 was agreed with Ofwat, but we review all claims on a case by case basis.