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Pumping station ownership

Some properties and homes are connected to pumping stations for removal of their sewerage which then connects to our network. After new government legislation in July 2011, many of these pumping stations became our responsibility from October 2016. This addressed issues with the upkeep of private pumping stations and helped us improve sewerage networks across our supply area.

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We've been locating pumping stations that'll be transferring and giving them a thorough check over. If your pumping station is eligable, we'll be in touch with all of the info you need and a date that it'll transfer to us.

It's important to note, you'll be responsible for the upkeep and repair of the pumping station until it's transferred to us. This includes maintenance, payment of electricity bills and any other costs.

Change is good

Want to know more about the private sewers transfer? Visit the DEFRA website for help and guidance on the key issues likely to arise.

Pumping station ownership

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 Think your pumping station is eligible for transfer? 

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Pumping station ownership FAQs

Until the pumping station is transferred over to us, you'll be responsible for it. You'll need to continue paying any costs associated with is, and for maintaining it. It's in your and your neighbours interest to continue doing this until transfer.

If your pumping station met the adoption criteria, the transfer to us was mandatory. We sent out notices back in July 2011 to notify all customers about the sewer and drain transfer. Any appeals against the proposal for us to adopt your pumping station needed to be be made within two months of the notice being served to you.
It's now too late to appeal against the transfer of an eligible pumping station. During the time leading up to the pumping station transfer, we'll have worked with you to understand any concerns or issues that you may have.  

Even though the majority of eligible pumping stations have transferred now, we'll still be able to help with your concerns. Simply get in touch with us.

We'll be responsible for running, repairing and upgrading the pumping station.
We'll pay any electricity costs, repair any issues and upgrade the site to ensure it's safe and works correctly. If work is needed after we've adopted the pumping station - it'll be funded by us and not by you or other affected customers. We'll also fit a remote monitoring system which sends alarms to our control centre if a problem is detected. This lets us respond quickly to problems and helps us understand any underlying issues with the station, and carry out work that might be needed to prevent issues in the future. So you can sit back, relax, and we'll look after the pumping station for you.  

When we take on repair work, and need to dig on your property, we always try to return the land to how it was. Sometimes this might not be possible, as we may not be able to get exactly the same material. However, we'll use something similar if this is the case. For example, if there is block paving, we will lay new block paving after the work is completed. We'll discuss all of the work in detail, and agree on the proposed new material with you before we start work.

Sewage Pumping Stations included in a Section 104 Agreement and within the scope above will have transferred. Up until the transfer date, the Developer remained responsible for those Pumping Stations and can pursue their adoption through the  New Connections Team. Any queries relating to the adoption of Sewage Pumping Stations under Section 104 Agreements should be sought by contacting the New Connections team.

The adoption of private pumping stations means that individual customers will no longer have to pay electricity and maintenance costs for eligible stations, nor cover the cost when things go wrong. As the responsibility will now pass to the Water and Sewerage Companies, this will mean a fairer approach for all of our customers. In addition to the pumping stations, many private drains and sewers transferred to the water and sewerage companies in October 2011. In order for the water and sewerage companies to operate and maintain these assets, it does mean that we need to add a proportion of this cost onto our general customer bills. The actual value is not yet known, but is expected to be less than £5 per year per household. Obviously this is a significant reduction in costs for those individuals currently having to pay for these assets.

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