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About your waste water

Where your waste water goes

We treat a massive 1.4 billion litres of the sewage every day.

Besides human waste, sewage also contains food, detergents, oils, metal residues, sand and sometimes even harmful chemicals. It’s our job to remove all these so we can return the cleaned sewage back into rivers or streams to continue its journey through the water cycle.

Your used water leaves your home and enters the public sewer system, which transports the waste and water to one of the water treatment plans in our region.

There the water is cleaned and filtered to remove anything that is not liquid, before it passes into large tanks where the water settles and sediment is removed. We don’t want to waste anything and because we’re dedicated to protecting our environment and building a greener environment, the sediment is then used to create fertiliser and generate electricity.

The remaining waste water is treated using special bacteria that feed on organic matter and turn it into carbon dioxide, water or nitrogen.

Once the bacteria have cleaned the waste water, the liquid is passed into settlement tanks and filtered through gravel and reed beds before flowing back into the river, cleaner than when it entered our water network.

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