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How we plan
To provide clean water and a reliable service takes more than hard work. It takes careful monitoring and forward planning – and we’d love your help.

What is the water planning programme?

To keep our water supply constant and ensure we’re prepared for future changes in demand, we monitor the water use from a sample of unmetered homes across our region.

This data shows us how much water families use who don't have a meter installed and it helps us estimate leakage.

We aren't currently recruiting new customers to sign up for this. However, if you’ve moved into a new house where our equipment is already installed we’d love to keep you participating.

In return for your support we’ll give you gift vouchers every year.


Removing the equipment

This programme is voluntary. If at any point you'd like to have the equipment removed simply contact us on 0345 601 3075 and we'll arrange to have it removed.

We'll also send you vouchers as a thank you for your time and cooperation.


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