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Find, read or move your water meter 

Giving a water meter reading helps us to bill you more accurately. However, not all water meters are located in the same place. Find out where your water meter might be, how to read it, and what to do if you need to move your water meter.

Where to find your water meter

Your water meter could be located inside or outside your property. If you water meter is inside your home, it will probably be fitted on the water pipe as it enters your property. This is usually near the internal stop tap, which is often under the kitchen sink or in the downstairs toilet room.

If your water meter is outside, you'll most likely find it under a small metal or plastic cover in your driveway, garden or nearby footpath. This will be where your outside stop tap is.

How to read your water meter

If your meter is outside, you may need to lift the cover to access it. Underneath the cover there may be a foam or polystyrene disc. This protects your meter from frost, so make sure you replace it when you've finished.

To read your meter, you only need to make note the black numbers. Ignore the numbers in red.

The black numbers on the meter show the amount of cubic metres of water you have used. The red numbers record tenths and hundredths of a cubic metre. We charge for every cubic metre, so you only need to record the black numbers.

Sometimes outdoor meters can be difficult to access. For example, it may be located in the road, or the cover may be heavy. If this is the case for your meter, please do not attempt to access it. Instead contact us by calling 0345 7090 646.

How to move your water meter

If you are having difficulty accessing your water meter to get a reading, or you need to move it as part of a building project at your property, we can relocate it for you.

It's important that you do not attempt to move the water meter yourself, or ask a plumber to move it for you, even if it is inside your home.

We are responsible for the maintenance of water meters. They are the legal property of your water company and must only be modified or moved by us.

It's a criminal offence to interfere with, wilfully damage or remove the water meter under the Water Industry Act 1991. This can result in large fines.

Get in touch and tell us you would like to have your meter moved. We'll then arrange for one of our water meter team to come to your home to survey the area, check the move is possible and calculate the cost.

If you want to go ahead with the work after this, we'll either carry out the work immediately or arrange another date with you to move the meter if necessary.

It's not always possible to move a meter. If this is true for you, the surveyor will make this clear when they visit.

The cost of moving your water meter

There is a cost for moving your water meter. The cost varies depending on the work required to carry out the move.

If your water meter is faulty and needs to be replaced, there will be no charge.

Table of prices for moving a water meter
Moving the meter from:   Price  
Existing interior location to new interior location £165.21
Interior location to boundary box £124.91
Interior location to exterior location £416.66
Exterior location to interior location £162.81
Existing exterior location to new exterior location
Upsizing water meter to fit new, larger pipe
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