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How to move or re-site or up-size your water meter

Only Severn Trent Water and our contractors can carry out work on water meters.

Moving your water meter

If you’re renovating or developing your home, or a property you own, you may need to move the water meter as part of the project. 

Before the work can be carried out, you will be asked to sign a charge agreement requested from you at the time of the survey. Please note it may not always be possible to resite the meter which we will discuss with you during the survey. 

If you require a resite and the meter is currently situated more than 50 meters from the property, we will not be able to carry this out due to the distance involved. Prices for moving or re-sizing your meter can be found below.

Resizing your water meter

Sometimes, when you move a water meter from one place to another, you’ll need to have a new meter installed so it will fit a larger or smaller pipe in the new location. The size of a water meter is usually about the size of a 1kg bag of sugar.

Removing a water meter and reverting to Rateable Value charges

The meter remains the property of Severn Trent whether it is fitted internally or externally. It cannot be tampered with or removed. You can however revert back to Rateable Value charges instead of being billed by the water meter readings.

You can revert to Rateable Value charges if the following applies:

  • Meters installed under the Free Meter Option scheme, and fitted from 1st April 2015 onwards, can now revert back to Rateable Value within 24 months of installation or 30 days after receipt of a fourth bill (whether based on an actual or an estimated meter reading).
  • Meters installed prior to 1st April 2015 can revert back to Rateable Value within 12 months of installation or 30 days after receipt of a second bill. We do not physically remove the meter in these circumstances, however if you require us to do so you can contact us.
  • The meter was fitted prior to 1995 and the customer paid for the installation. Exceptions to this are if the rateable value is no longer valid or if the customer has a swimming pool or uses a sprinkler. 

You cannot revert to Retable Value charges if the following applies:

  • You are a commercial customer
  • You have just taken responsibility for a property that already has a meter 
  • Since 1990 all new build properties are fitted with a water meter. If you have moved into a new build property you cannot revert to Rateable Value charges. 

It is only the original occupier who requested the meter to be fitted who can revert back; the onus is on the purchaser to determine how water service charges are levied prior to purchasing the property.

It is illegal for anyone else to move or up-size the meter

In legal terms the water meter is our property, and so we and our contractors are the only organisations allowed to carry out work on the water meters.

You must not remove it or instruct anyone else to remove it for you under any circumstances.

It is a contravention of the Water Act (as stated in section 175 of the Water Industry Act 1991) and can be a criminal offence to interfere with, wilfully damage or remove the meter.

If you are convicted of doing any of these things you could face a large fine.

Apply to move or up-size your meter

You can contact our team to ask to move or up-size the water meter at your property.

It may not always be possible to carry out the relocation of your water meter. We will not know if we can do this until we've carried out a survey at your home.

If you’re concerned about bogus callers, you can join our doorstep password scheme for added protection and peace of mind.

Moving and resizing the meter

If it is possible to do the work on the same day as the survey, and you wish to go ahead with it, our contractor will either carry out the work for you straightaway, or you can arrange another appointment to carry out the work at a more convenient time.

If an external excavation is needed to install a boundary box, then contractor may need a second visit.

Price of moving or re-sizing a water meter

The price of moving or re-sizing a water meter varies depending on the work required, where the meter is and where it needs to go.

It will be between £128.95 and £496.76 depending on where your meter is located and whether the relocation is internal or external.

Charges (including VAT)

Work required Price
Internal to internal re-site £128.95
Internal to existing boundary box re-site £128.95
Internal to external re-site £402.74
External to internal re-site £128.95
External to external re-site £496.76
Up-size £160

You will receive an invoice for the work, typically within 60 days of the work being carried out. The invoice should be paid within 30 days once you’ve received it.

Agreeing to terms and conditions and your right to cancel

Before our contractor carries out any work, you'll be asked to sign our Customer Charge Agreement which confirms that you're happy with the cost and your agreement to our water meter re-site and up-size terms and conditions.

You have the right to cancel at any time and for any reason before you enter into the Customer Charge Agreement.

The cancellation period

Once you've entered into the Agreement you've the right to cancel the Agreement for any reason within 14 days of signature. However, if you decide to go ahead with the work before the end of the Cancellation Period you will be charged STW’s reasonable costs for carrying out the service up to the point of cancellation.

Repairing faulty meters

Any meter that is fitted that is found to be working incorrectly will be replaced free of charge.

If you experience any problems with your water meter, contact our customer care team who will be happy to help.

We understand that if something goes wrong, you want us to resolve it quickly and accurately. 

If you do decide to make a complaint, we'll follow our complaints procedure [PDF] which exists to make sure you are treated fairly.