Keeping you updated

It’s getting hot hot hot, and sure enough demand for water is going up up up…

How we’re keeping in communication with you during hot weather

The current heatwave combined with a very dry spring, means that reservoir levels are lower than we would like them to be at this time of year.

It can take 12 hours to treat and pump water out to our customers, so when people are using more water to do things like water their gardens or fill paddling pools, the challenge can be to get that clean, treated water out to homes quick enough – this can sometimes cause low pressure problems.

Our teams are working around the clock, using tankers to pump an extra 300 million litres of water into the network to keep water flowing during increased demand.

I’ve got a text (or email)!

As part of our hot weather communications across the region, we’re sending out text messages and emails to all of our customers who are signed up to receive them.

These messages are reminders to customers to be mindful of the amount of water they are using, especially water hungry devices like sprinklers and hosepipes.

Get help through Priority Services

The Priority Services Register is a list of our customers who need a bit of extra help.  

Whether permanent or temporary, let us know about any medical conditions or mobility issues you or members of your household have. 

It helps us prioritise care and assistance during supply interruptions. 

What you can do to help

To keep wonderful water flowing to our communities during the heatwave, it’s important that everyone continues to be mindful of their non-essential water use, so you and your neighbours have plenty of water for all the essentials.Top hot weather tips:

  • Keep hydrated
  • Have a shower rather than a bath to save water - Taking 30 seconds off your shower will save 5 litres!
  • Use a bucket and sponge rather than a hose to clean your car 
  • Look for leaking loos and get them fixed
  • Turn off taps when not in use
  • When it’s time to empty the paddling pool use the water to water your plants 
  • Water plants in the evening with a watering can – it’ll be more effective as less water will evaporate
  • Don’t worry about watering the grass – it'll soon bounce back when it rains!