Keeping Water Flowing

The coronavirus emergency fund

We’re making donations to organisations all over our region who are on the frontline of the fight against COVID-19, helping people through the coronavirus outbreak.

Donating £1 million to local charities and community groups

There are incredible charities, community groups and other organisation from all parts of our region who are doing amazing things, supporting people and helping us all get through this together.

We’re working closely with local authorities and community foundations. They’re nominating charities and organisations who are most in need of our support, as quickly as possible. That enables us to target donations from our £1 million emergency fund to those who will benefit most.

Helping hands

The Helping Hands Community Project is making a massive difference in Leamington Spa.

They’ve been doing some incredible work, packing and delivering food parcels to those who need it the most, and we’re pleased that our £5k has helped them in their mission.

Langar Aid

In Coventry, Langar Aid’s team have been working non-stop to deliver hundreds of meals across the city to those who are vulnerable and in need.

We’re delighted that our £2k donation has helped keep the community spirit alive, and the city fed. 

Age UK

As one of the country’s most prominent charities that supports older people, Age UK is helping elder members of the population through tough, worrying times.

We’ve donated £62k to help with the incredible work they’re doing. 

Boddington Made It

Edward Preston at Boddington Made It has been doing fantastic work. He and others have been able to use 3D printers to design and make protective equipment including masks for NHS staff.

Our donation has helped him to scale up operations and produce more PPE. What a hero.

Helping you to pay your bill

It’s not just local charities and organisation that we’re helping.

There are several ways we might be able to help you pay your bill. If you’re worried about money during this time, please let us know. You might be eligible for one of our financial support schemes.