Keeping Water Flowing

Supporting our communities

The last few weeks may have changed all our lives and the way we do things, but our key workers are still out there, adapting and staying safe to make sure water keeps flowing and toilets keep flushing.

Keeping taps on

Our key worker teams are still out and about, adapting to new ways of working to complete essential tasks and make sure homes, businesses, hospitals and schools across our region stay connected to the water network.

Maintaining key sites

Even though our visitor sites are closed, operators at our treatment works and Rangers at our reservoirs are still working to look after these essential sites and sources of water for our network.

Supporting our communities

We've created a £1m emergency fund for charities and community groups helping people in our region. We're working with Community Foundations, Councils for Voluntary Service and local authorities to identify charities most in need of the support.

Water at home

Life for all of us is different at the moment, but we still have things to do, whether it’s the mountain of laundry, the garden to maintain or families to entertain. We’ve got some quick fixes for problems in your home, tips on how to save water and some fun and educational activities for the kids to keep them busy.

Education Zone

With children off school and at home, we’ve created a bunch of fun activity sheets for kids. From colouring in and word searches, to facts about fatbergs, there are learning activities for all age groups and we’ve got all the core school subjects covered. We’ll be uploading new activities at the beginning of each week!

Water Quality quick fixes

We’re still out and about, working to make sure water keeps flowing to your taps, but if you encounter any issues at home with the way your water looks, tastes or smells, there are some simple ways you can identify and fix some problems yourself, helping to keep everyone safe during social distancing.

How to save water at home

If you’re self-isolating , unable to work or working from home at the moment, you might be spending more time in the garden if you’re lucky enough to have one. If you’re tending to plants, there are some quick ways you can help to save water during these warmer months, helping protect water for everyone.