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Windmill Hill, Leamington

Every so often, we need to replace old water pipes, so we’ll be in the Windmill Hill area soon to do this. It does mean that there’ll be some short-term inconvenience – but the advantage of having brand new pipes will be worth it. 

Our progress so far


Multi-way traffic lights

During this job, we’ll be using multi-way traffic lights to keep you and our teams safe and complete the work as quickly as possible.

Roads affected:

Windmill Hill

Our Progress

Start date

26 July 2021

Upcoming work

The work will begin on Windmill Hill, between the junctions of Rugby Road and North Close, on 26 July 2021 and will take approximately seven weeks to complete. 

Work in Progress

Work completed

Estimated completion date

Mid September 2021

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Shannon Currall

Severn Trent Community Communications Officer

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