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Victoria Road

Every so often, we need to replace old water pipes. That’s because as the years pass and the pipes age the risk of people suffering with poor water pressure increases, so we’re replacing some of the old pipes on Victoria Road with some brand new ones.

Our progress so far


Traffic Lights

To enable us to work quickly and safely we’ll be starting the work using four- way traffic lights at the round about, as the team progress along Victoria Road we’ll use two way traffic lights and a speed reduction to keep everyone safe, completing the work at the junction of Ellistown Terrace Road using three-way lights.

Roads affected:

Victoria Road and Ellistown Terrace Road

Our Progress

Start date

4 October 2021

Upcoming work

Night work
To keep disruption to a minimum we’ve agreed with the local authority to close a section of Victoria Road over the railway Bridge over three consecutive weekends starting from 2pm on Saturday 9th October until 5am Monday 25th October. We’re sorry for the inconvenience this may cause, we don’t take the decision to work at night lightly and we’ll do our very best to keep noise to a minimum. Access to homes and business will be maintained but you will need to follow the diversion route during these three weekends.

Work in Progress

Work completed

Estimated completion date

Early December 2021

map of the working area along Victoria Road

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Lisa Orme

Severn Trent Community Communications Officer

07790 845234