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Strongford Sewage Treatment Works - Improvement works

We'll be starting work in November 2017 to improve our treatment process at Strongford Sewage Treatment Works. We esitmate the works will be completed in July 2019.


In progress

31 Jul 2019

Estimated completion date
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Improvement works

Work is progressing well, we've completed all of the demolition works and we've now started the excavations and construction on site. You may notice and increased level of construction traffic over the next few weeks.

Work completed
Improvement works

We've installed site cabins on site so far. Demolition of three existing tanks will begin on 4 December 2017, then in the new year we'll begin the construction works.

Start date

06 Nov 2017

There are currently no disruptions

There are currently no disruptions

There are currently no disruptions

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