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South Newark - South Newark - Waste Improvements

We are installing new sewers and tunnels across the East of Newark to help protect homes and businesses from sewer flooding.


In progress

30 Apr 2018

Estimated completion date
Upcoming work
Mill Gate

We'll be constructing two shafts on Mill Gate. Shaft 6 will be located at the end of Mill Gate, adjacent to the Spring House Pub and Marina. We will also need to construct some new sewers on this part of Mill Gate to allow us to connect the shaft to the existing sewer system. Works on Shaft 6 will take place between autumn 2017 and summer 2018. Shaft 5 will be located off the highway, however some works will be required on the junction with Pelham Street to allow us to connect the shaft to the existing sewer system. These shafts are required so that we can connect our existing sewers to the new 3km long tunnel that we are constructing beneath Newark’s Streets. In spring 2018, Shaft 6 will also be used to retrieve the ‘Siege Breaker’ tunnelling machine upon completion of its 3km long journey. It will have travelled beneath Newark’s Streets all the way from Crankley Point in the North of the town. Tunnelling has allowed us to limit the construction works in this area of the town as much as possible, mitigating the need to dig up the whole length of Castle Gate, Bar Gate, North Gate and Mill Gate.

Work in progress
Windsor Avenue / Eton Ave North

Progress laying new sewers along Windsor Avenue towards Eton Avenue North continues with the work on Windsor Avenue itself is due to be completed in Autumn 2018. Works have been slower than anticipated due to the existing sewer being encased in concrete. Road closures and a diversion route are currently in place.

Shaft six

Construction was completed in February 2018 and received ‘Siege Breaker’ – our largest tunnel boring machine on Tuesday 8th May 2018. It began its journey all the way from Crankley Point, 3 kms away. The Shaft and subsequent Road closure at the bottom of Mill Gate adjacent to the Spring House pub will be in place until summer 2018. We started construction of Shaft 5 (located near to Pelham Street) in May 2018. These works are located just off the highway.

Work completed
Eton Avenue - Phase one

We completed working to replace the existing sewer pipes between Elizabeth Road and Pierson Street on 7 March 2017. Phase one work was at the top of Eton Avenue with a diversion route from Elizabeth Road to Pierson Street. As planned, the rolling road closure on Eton Avenue moved onwards toward Bailey Road allowing us to reopen Greenway to through traffic.

Boundary Road

Sewer construction has been completed, ahead of schedule, on Boundary Road and it has re-opened to 2-way traffic. The Boundary Road / Albert Street roundabout junction has re-opened and work has moved on to Windsor Road. A temporary roundabout has been put in place so that the roads can be used - this will be replaced by a new, permanent roundabout in due course. As Boundary Road has re-opened, the one-way traffic restrictions have been lifted from Crown Street, Prince’s Street and Spring Gardens. Windsor Road will remain closed to traffic as sewer laying is currently taking place.

Mill Gate and Southfield Terrace

Pipe laying through Southfield Terrace car park progressed well and Millgate is currently re-open.

Churchill Drive

We have nearly finished laying new sewers along Churchill Drive. At present road access is blocked at the Philip Road junction.

Riverside Road

We have a small section of new sewer to lay in Riverside Road in winter 2017.

Windsor Road

We have finished laying new sewers from Boundary Road roundabout.

Pierson Street

We completed work to upsize sewers on Pierson Street in July 2017.

Eton Avenue - Phase three

Eton Avenue - Phase three Pierson Street to Bailey Rd – We completed this work in mid-July.

Eton Avenue - Phase two

We completed work to replace the sewer pipes in on this part of Eton Avenue. Phase two required a road closure in the middle of Eton Avenue with a diversion route from Pierson Street, Churchill Drive and Jersey Street.

Bailey Road

We have completed laying new sewers along Bailey Road and the road has been resurfaced and recommissioned, meaning road use is back to normal.

Fairfax Avenue

We successfully finished laying new sewers along Fairfax Avenue in Winter 2017.

Jersey Street

We successfully finished laying new sewers along Jersey Street in March 2018. This work was completed in three stages to ensure vehicular access at all times of construction.

Forster Avenue

We successfully finished laying new sewers along Forster Avenue in March 2018.

Start date

07 Mar 2017

During our works there will be a number of road closures and traffic management in place to allow us to work saftely.

  • Roads effected:
  • Eton Avenue, Windsor Road, Windsor Avenue, Bailey Road, Churchill Avenue, Jersey Street, Philip Road, Forster Avenue, Fairfax Avenue, Riverside Road, Mill Gate, Eton Avenue, Boundary Road

There are currently no disruptions

There are currently no disruptions

We'll be working in Newark over the next four years- watch our video for more information

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