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Old Lode Lane

We’re committed to making sure our customers receive a continuous supply of water now and in the future. We’re constantly checking the condition of our network and recognise that we may need to upgrade some of the water pipes in the Old Lode Lane area.

Our progress so far


Progress - 90%

Start date

24 June 2020

Upcoming work

The team will return in March 2021 to complete a final 75 metres of pipework from Frankton Close to Lode Lane roundabout.

Work in Progress

Work completed

All work has now been completed but we will be returning in January 2021 to finish off 75 metres of work from Frankton Close to the roundabout at Lode Lane.

Estimated completion date

April 2021

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Meet the team

Simon Williams

Amey Customer Service Officer

07885 475321