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Oakham - West Road



29 Mar 2019

Estimated completion date
Upcoming work

You may still see us in the area, this is because we will be cleaning up any mess that's been made by our works, replacing damaged kerb stones and then a road sweeper will be around.

Work in progress

We have just completed our final phase of our workand the road closure wil be lifted on 29 March 2019.

Work completed

We've completed work on Braunston Road under traffic lights.

We are coming close to completing the road closure on Braunston Road. We are closing the final section of Braunston Road from Balmoral Road to Lonsdale Way. When this is complete we will then move onto West Road.

Start date

02 Jan 2019

Road Closures and traffic lights

Road Closures and traffic lights

Due to the location of the pipe, and to keep you and our workforce safe, we have agreed with the local authority to complete our first phase of work on Braunston Road under traffic lights then a road closure will be in place on Braunston Road and West Road to through traffic whilst this work is taking place. Please be aware both roads will not be closed at the same time, a diversion will be in place and pedestrian access will be maintained at all times.

  • Roads effected:
  • Braunston Road
  • West Road

There are currently no disruptions

There are currently no disruptions

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Lisa Orme

Community Communications Officer - Severn Trent

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