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Norton, Ludlow - Vernolds Common towards Bache


First phase

05 Mar 2019

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Vernolds Common towards Bache

Work has progressed well this week in the fields between Norton and Vernolds Common, with 300m of new main installed. Work will be continuing next week in the road and verge. The road will continue to be closed with access to frontages and for emergency vehicles only, no through route available.

Work completed
Start date

05 Mar 2018

Road closure

Road closure

To allow us to carry out this work quickly and safely, works will be undertaken with the use of multiway lights on the Corvedale road section. There will be road closures with diversion routes, for each section throughout the rest of the project. We expect the work to take around 12 months to complete.

  • Roads effected:

There are currently no disruptions

There are currently no disruptions

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