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Mere Gutter - Peckforton

We need to carry out some important improvement work on our water pipe in the Mere Gutter area, this work will ensure that our customers can have a continuous and reliable supply of water for years to come

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Progress - 85%

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27 January 2020

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Pipe Bridge
 As part of Severn Trent’s ongoing improvement programme, we are duplicating our water main pipe bridge that that passes over the stream running through Wychwood Park. This is to further improve the resilience of our water supply network. Work will commence on the 27 January 2020, with the installation of a new water main crossing under the stream using a horizontal directional drill technique. Work will take around 11 weeks to complete.

The new pipe has now all been fitted, we're just waitng on the new connections and final reinstatement of the area.

Following recent communication from residents, we have taken the decision to return during week commencing 17 August 2020 and reinstate as much of the area as possible. However, we will still have to keep the two areas, where the connection points are, fenced off until we can complete these works. We apologise for the inconvenience these works have caused the residents.

We are looking to return before the end of the year to carry out the connections and we will notify you once we have a confirmed date.

Work completed

Estimated completion date

July 2020

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