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Maynard Road - Maynard Road

The team are completing essential water pipe replacement work week commencing 14 January on Maynard Road and a section of Boythorpe Road until they reach the Hunloke Junction by February 2019. The team will then leave site due to the Highways team completing some work on St Augustine’s Road. They’ll return to site Mid- April to complete the rest of the work on Boythorpe Road.


First phase

29 Mar 2019

Estimated completion date
Upcoming work

Work will start week commencing 14 January 2019 at the junction of Maynard Road/Baden Powell. The team will work their way along Maynard Road until they reach Boythorpe Road. They will then work their way up Boythorpe Road until they reach the Hunloke Avenue junction of Boythorpe Road by the end of February.

Work in progress
Work completed
Start date

14 Jan 2019

One way road closure

One way road closure

Maynard will be closed one way for approximately six weeks whilst the work in taking please. You can only access Maynard Road from Boythorpe Road. Summerfield Road will also be closed, from week commencing 11 February for approximately 2 weeks - please note, you will not be able to access Boythorpe Road from Summerfield Road.

  • Roads effected:
  • Maynard Road
  • Summerfield Road

There are currently no disruptions



We may need residents who park on Maynard Road and Boythorpe Road to park further down the road as work progresses.

  • Locations effected:

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Community Communications Officer - Severn Trent Water

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