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Market Harborough - Phase Ten

Every so often, we need to replace old water pipes. That’s because the risk of bursts increases as the years pass – and we’re really keen to avoid this. Therefore, we’re going to replace the old smaller water pipes on Clarence Street and Kettering Road with brand new ones


In progress

20 Mar 2020

Estimated completion date
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Work in progress

We're working down Kettering Road past the supermarkets laying the brand new water pipe

Work completed

We're completing on Clarence Street and laying the pipe across the busy crossing down towards Kettering Road, we will be using four way traffic lights to keep everyone safe

Start date

06 Jan 2020

Road Closures and traffic lights

Road Closures and traffic lights

Due to the location of the pipe and to allow us to carry out this work safely we’ve agreed with the local authority to carry out our work using a Road Closure on Clarence Street, when we move over the junction onto Kettering Road we will need to use lane closures on St Marys Road, multi way traffic lights and a One way system on Kettering Road. Access to business, homes and pedestrian walkways will be maintained at all times.

  • Roads effected:
  • Clarence Street
  • Springfield Street
  • Kettering Road

There are currently no disruptions

Parking Restrictions

Parking Restrictions

Due to the location of the water pipe and the size of the road we will need to ask residents to not park on the road whilst we're working on Clarence Street

  • Locations effected:
  • Clarence Street

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Lisa Orme

Severn Trent Community Officer