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Kineton Road, Oxhill

We're investing £100,000 to replace the old pipes in the Oxhill area for brand new ones.

Our progress so far


Road Closure

To enable us to work quickly and safely, we will need to close Kineton Road from Brook House to Whitehill Cottage, but only from 22nd November to 8th December.  

Roads affected:

Kineton Road

Our Progress

Start date

4 October 2021

Upcoming work

Our work will begin on Monday October 4th on Whatcote Road and will move up past Main Street and on up Kineton Road to Whitehill Cottage.

Kineton Road will be closed from 22 November to 8 December.

The rest of the work will be done using traffic lights so that we can keep the road open for as long as possible to minimise disruption.

Work in Progress

Work completed

Estimated completion date

24 December 2021

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Meet the team

Sarah-Jayne O'Kane

Severn Trent Community Communications Manager

07900 158859