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Hayfield Road

Every so often, we need to replace old water pipes. That’s because the risk of bursts increases as the years pass – and we’re really keen to avoid this. Therefore, we’re going to replace some of the old water pipes on Hayfield Road with brand new ones

Our progress so far


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Road closure

To allow us to carry out this work safely we’ve agreed with the local authority to slow down the flow of traffic using a road closure around our working area

Roads effected:

Hayfield Road

Progress - 35%

Start date

6 January 2020

Work completed

Work in Progress

We're laying the new water pipe along Hayfield Road past Bowden Lane and working down Hayfield road towards the island

Upcoming work

Estimated completion date

17 May 2020

Taking care of one of life's essentials

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Meet the team

Lisa Orme

Severn Trent Community Officer