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Planned improvements

East and Central Newark - East and Central Newark - Waste Improvements

We're installing new sewers and tunnels across the East of Newark to help protect homes and businesses from sewer flooding.


Final phase

31 Aug 2019

Estimated completion date
Upcoming work
Work in progress

Works are currently being undertaken to clean and repair some of the sewers that were not replaced as part of our works. This is required in order to extend their serviceable life.

Work completed
Sleaford Road

The Mount Mole has completed all of its tunneling activities on Sleaford Road, in total we have completed three 1.5m diameter tunnels here, a 320m long tunnel from The Mount School (Shaft 20) to Lawrence Street Junction (Shaft 21), a 190m long tunnel from Harrisons Way (Shaft 22) to Lawrence Street junction (Shaft 21) and a 120m long tunnel from Beacon Hill Road (Shaft 23) to Harrisons Way (Shaft 22). After this we completed the shaft, installed a timber heading to Lawrence Street and constructed a new sewer between shaft 21 and the end of Wellington Street.

North Gate

Work at Shaft 2 has been largely completed, following a successful drive and breakthrough from Shaft 20 into the main tunnel at Shaft 2. This shaft enables us to connect our existing sewers to the 3km long tunnel that we have finished constructing beneath Newark’s Streets. There are still some minor works to do at this location in December and these will be completed at night to avoid traffic disruption

Bancroft Road

Bancroft Road is closed as of the 20 August to complete a sewer connection and create new gullies, and will be reopened in early September.

Lincoln Street

We have now completed a small amount of sewer construction work on Lincoln Street.

Queens Road

At Shaft 20 - located in the Mount CofE School field - tunneling between here and Shaft 21 in Sleaford Road has been completed, as has the work to create cross connections from the sewer in Queen’s Road to the new shaft.

Bancroft Road

The works on Bancroft Road are now complete.

Beacon Hill Road

We've now finished working on Beacon Hill Road to construct three small shafts and upgrade sewers. The road has been reopened.

Friary Road

We have constructed two new shafts on Friary Road and hand tunnelled out of these using timber headings into Beacon Hill Road. The Friary Road-Beacon Hill Road junction has now been returned to its original layout. Friary Road and Bede House Lane reopened to normal traffic on 12 August.

Jubilee Street

We successfully finished laying new sewers along Jubilee Street in spring 2018.

Hatton Gardens

We successfully finished laying new sewers along Hatton Gardens in mid-February 2018.

Hill Vue Gardens and Wood Street

We successfully finished laying new sewers along Hill Vue Gardens and Wood Street in early 2018.

Vernon Street

Works to construct the new sewer and shaft on Vernon Street have now been completed.

Castle Gate

We have completed the construction of two new shafts on Castle Gate and Bar Gate, therefore meaning the one way-system in Newark town centre has been removed and the normal two system is back in place. These shafts have enabled us to connect our existing sewers to the new 3km long tunnel that we have finished constructing beneath Newark’s streets. Tunnelling allowed us to limit the construction works in this area of the town as much as possible, and has prevented digging up the whole length of Castle Gate, Bar Gate and North Gate. Shaft 2 is located at the junction between Queens Road and North Gate, Shaft 3 is located on Castle Gate next to the main roundabout and Shaft 4 at the junction of Lombard Street and Castle Gate. We started constructing these three shafts at the same time to limit the amount of time that we are disrupting traffic in the centre of the town. We agreed with Nottinghamshire County Council that a temporary one-way system between Castle Gate and Lombard Street be in place whilst these shaft works were underway, and even put on a free shuttle bus service around town. The one-way system mitigated the need for several sets of temporary traffic lights and helped keep traffic moving during construction. Each shaft was designed as Sheet Pile Shafts requiring the use of a Piling Rig to auger the ground. This helped loosen the compacted soil to allow sheet piles to be easily rammed into the ground, forming the outline of the shaft. At Shaft 3, evidence of the original 13th century moat, built shortly after the construction of the castle, was discovered whilst the shaft was being sunk. The moat is believed to be 6m wide and 4-5 m deep.

Wellington Road

Sewer relay works on Wellington Road are now completed. We dug a small shaft on Beacon Hill Road and tunnelled beneath Wellington Road to connect to the pipes that we had laid using open cut construction.

Harcourt Street

Construction of Shaft 26 on Harcourt Street is complete and pipe-jacking tunnel work has now been completed.

Lawrence Street, Sydney Street, Cliff Nook Lane and Appletongate

We have completed a short length of tunneled sewer on Lawrence Street and completed open cut upsizing of the sewers at Cliff Nook Lane and Sydney Street.

London Road

The works to upsize the sewer on London Road are now complete.

Bowbridge Road

The Works to replace the sewers in Bowbridge Road was undertaken between March 2019 and June 2019.

Start date

30 Jan 2017

Road closure and traffic management

Road closure and traffic management

During our work we will need to close some roads or use traffic management to allow us to work safely. We're really sorry for the inconvenience this will cause and thank you for your patience and understanding.

  • Roads effected:
  • Wellington Road, Beacon Hill Road, Friary Road, Harcourt, Street, Vernon Street, Lawrence Street, Sydney Street, Cliff Nook Lane, Applegate, Bowbridge Road, Jubilee Street, Hatton Gardens, Bancroft Road, Castlegate, Northgate, Bargate, Beast Market Hill, London Road, Sleaford Road, Queen's Road, Beacon Hill Road,

There are currently no disruptions

There are currently no disruptions

We'll be working in Newark over the next four years- watch our video for more information

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