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Dunton Bassett to Broughton Astley - B581 (Dunton Basset to Broughton Astley)


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05 Apr 2020

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B581 (Dunton Bassett to Broughton Astley)

We're replacing the existing water pipes in your area for new ones

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06 Jan 2020

Rolling Road Closure

Rolling Road Closure

Due to the size and location of the water pipe, the team will be using extensive equipment within the carriageway. To ensure the safety of you and our team throughout, we’ll unfortunately need to implement a rolling road closure as the work progresses from Dunton Bassett to Broughton Astley. Our working areas will be split up into 200 metre sections and the team will put the road back together as we progress. Depending on where you live and the location of our working area at the time, access to your property will change between Coopers Lane or via Broughton Way.

  • Roads effected:
  • Broughton Lane
  • Dunton Road
  • Station Road

There are currently no disruptions

There are currently no disruptions

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Tim Ip

Severn Trent Community Officer