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Chain Walk, Birmingham

We’re installing some new equipment on one of our pipes in the area, this will help to improve the water supply for you and our customers across Birmingham.

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Road closure

So that we can carry out our works quickly and safely we will be closing the road.

Roads effected:

Chain Walk

Progress - 0%

Start date

13 May 2019

Work completed

Work in Progress

Maintenance work to our pipes
We have now finished most of the construction works on site, the next phase of our work will be to complete the telemetry. This will take place over the next few weeks. Due to the dangerous ground conditions the Haras fencing will remain in place. We will begin to landscape the area, once the ground and the weather become a little bit dryer.

Upcoming work

Estimated completion date

31 March 2020

Taking care of one of life's essentials

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