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31 May 2018

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Cwm Llinau

Works have commenced this week at Cwm-Llinau, with the use of temporary traffic lights to allow the remaining water pipes to be installed along a short section of A470 and adjacent Terrace. We are hoping to have this work completed before early next week when the works will need to be cleared and traffic management removed from the A470 before the Bank Holiday.

Work completed
Cwm Llinau

This final phase of this project will then take place along parts of A470 in Cwm-Llinau and Rhosawel, to install the remaining water pipes and then connect them into new one we’ve recently installed within the village. This phase will take around five weeks to complete and will start during March 2018.

Start date

26 Mar 2018

Traffic lights

Traffic lights

To allow us to carry out this work quickly and safely the work will be undertaken using temporary traffic lights with signs and barriers, to allow vehicles to pass safely through our works.

  • Roads effected:
  • A470 - Cwm-Llinau

There are currently no disruptions

There are currently no disruptions

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