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Buxton and (surrounding area) water improvement project - Sherwood Road


In progress

28 Sep 2018

Estimated completion date
Upcoming work
Harthill Walk

Water pipe replacement work will continue into Harthill Walk during December 2018.

Heath Grove

Phase five of our works will take place in Heath Grove during December 2018 to replace the old water pipes with new ones.

Welbeck Avenue

We'll be working on phase three to replace the water pipe during December 2018.

Aldwark Road

The second phase of our works is going to take place in August 2018. We'll be using traffic lights during our works.

Sherwood Road and Oaklea

We'll be working on Sherwood Road and Oaklea during August 2018 to replace the exisiting water pipes.

Derwent Road

We'll be working in Derwent Road during December 2018 to replace the water pipes.

Work in progress

Work completed
Sherwood Road

We've now completed our works in Forest Avenue, part of Heath Grove and Sherwood Road to replace the old water pipes with new ones.

Sherwood Road

We'll be at Buxton Community Church, London Road, Buxton, SK17 9NX from 2:30-6:30pm, so that you can come and discuss any concerns you have about our works.

Start date

20 Nov 2017

Road closure

Road closure

We’ll need to close sections of the road to through traffic to carry out this work, but access to your properties will be maintained.

  • Roads effected:
  • Sherwood Road
  • Welbeck Avenue
  • Derwent Road

There are currently no disruptions

There are currently no disruptions

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Rachel Lowe

Community Communications Officer - Severn Trent

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