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The Pipeline- Lickhill to Frankley - Wilden Tunnels


In progress

01 May 2019

Estimated completion date
Upcoming work
Wilden Phase 4 - Due to complete May 2019

Testing of the pipeline prior to commissioning.

Work in progress
Phase 3 - Due to start August 2018

Once the tunnels are complete the pipe is then threaded through in sections. The pipe is then welded onto the main line and the shafts are removed and filled in. The working area is then restored to its original condition.

Phase 2 - June 2017 to November 2018

We are currently working in the site behind the industrial estate and have sunk the shafts for the construction of the tunnels. An access bridge to the shaft area has been built across the river, as this was previously unaccessable to us. We have completed construction of two shafts with both of them over 20 metres deep and the tunnel boring machine has now completed it's tunnel drive. We are now pushing the water pipes up in to the tunnel. We are using local companies to provide us with our materials and take spoil away, which also helps to reduce traffic. We have implemented a traffic management plan, which means none of our larger vehicles should travel near the school and will enter the site from the Kidderminster end of Wilden Lane .

Work completed
Phase 1

We've carried out preparation and groundwork. Activities include the removal of hedges and erection of fencing around the working area. We have stripped topsoil throughout the working area. Drainage provision will be put in place and site access will be created as required. Our pipes have been placed out (known as stringing) on the route ready to laid.

Start date

01 Jun 2017

There are currently no disruptions

There are currently no disruptions

There are currently no disruptions

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