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Planned improvements

New 26 km pipeline - Stourport to Frankley - Lickhill Pumping Station


Final phase

30 Jun 2020

Estimated completion date
Upcoming work
Phase 4 - Due to complete early 2020

With the facility now complete we will carry out testing. Teams will also be on site reinstating and landscaping the area.

Work in progress
Phase 3 - December 2018 - Spring 2019

Electrical and mechanical work is still ongoing at Lickhill. The majority of the fitting, pumps and pipework has now been installation. Due to some unforeseen circumstances work on the inlet is running slightly behind schedule

Work completed
Phase 2 April 2017 to December 2018

We have created our site and an access road, including temporary carparks and working areas. We have also stripped back much of the topsoil and already started to lay the pipe. We have started to build the foundations for the new pumping station and the final part of tunnelling has commenced. During this phase we will build the main structures for the river intake and pumping station. This work starts with digging foundations and making provision for drainage. Some parts of the facility will be brought to site in component parts and put together on site. We have created a dam near the banks of the river. We can now begin to build the intake structure in the river. This will involve driving metal sheets in to the river bed. The footpath near our structure has been diverted. During July and August the final stage of tunnelling will commence as we bore down towards the river, building a new shaft to receive the tunnel boring machine. Some night time working will take place in this period.

Phase 1 - March to April 2017

We've carried out preparation and ground work for the river intake and pumping station. Activities included putting up fencing, making an access road and the stripping away some of the topsoil. We will also set up the site offices and compound. We have also successfully tunnelled down to the location of the pumping station and will be in a position to thread the pipes through over the coming months.

Start date

01 Mar 2017

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There are currently no disruptions

There are currently no disruptions

What are we doing?

Work started in 2016 to lay a new 26km pipeline from the River Severn near Stourport on Severn to our water treatment works at Frankley. The pipeline begins at Lickhill where we are building a new pumping station and there is also a break pressure tank near Romsley. The new pipeline will significantly improve resilience of the water supply for over 1.2 million customers across Birmingham and surrounding areas. It will also support our wider network of pipes and so benefit customers right across the Severn Trent Region.

How are we doing?

Please get in touch if you have any feedback about our works.

Why are we doing this?