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Severn Trent water resilience project

0:02 “Our customers have an expectation that when they turn the taps on, there will be running water there. It’s quite a challenge to make sure that happens 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.”

0:14 “The legacy that the Victorians have left us here is wonderful.”

0:21 “Moving water from Wales to The Midlands along the Elan Valley Aqueduct, a distance of 72 miles, you know it was a phenomenal task. The people of Birmingham, they still depend on this particular source of water. But with 100 years comes wear and tear.”

0:43 “In order to be able to maintain the supply for the next 100 years, we really need to give ourselves the ability to take the aqueduct offline for extended maintenance periods.”

0:56 “The Birmingham Resilience Project is to develop a totally new alternative water supply from the river Severn, just north of Stourport on Severn.”

1:05 “We’ll be laying a new pipeline that will start at the Lickhill Pumping Station, where we’ll extract water from the river Severn, and we’ll lay that pipeline for 25 Kilometres into our treatment works at Frankley.”

1:19 “This alternative supply gives us the ability to switch off Birmingham’s existing water supply for much longer periods to allow us to do bigger, more involved maintenance activity, and keep it running for much much longer.”

1:34 “Frankley Water Treatment Works serves the entire greater Birmingham area. The new pipeline will come in west of the Frankley site, and will connect into Frankley Reservoir. It will require quite a lot more treatment and we’ll be installing new treatment process’s here at Frankley to deal with that. The overall goal is to make sure that the water is always there regardless of what happens.”

1:59 “The passion I feel, it filters right through the team and we all believe we’ve got a great responsibility in ensuring that Birmingham’s water supply continues in the future.”

2:12 “We believe this is the chance for us to invest in an asset that served us well for the last 100 years and will now serve us well for the next 100 to come.”

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