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Hello, I’m Sarah Bentley Severn Trent’s Chief Customer Officer and I’m here to tell you about our Customer Data Promise.

We're committed to keeping your water flowing clearly, making waste water clean again, and keeping your bills low.  Protecting the personal data that you trust us with helps us to do this.

We want you to be clear about what data we collect, what we do with it and who we share it with.  Also, if we do fall short of the service that we guarantee meaning that you're entitled to a payment, we want you to be confident that we’ll use your data to calculate and process your payment automatically. We know that the "small print" of privacy statements and the guaranteed standards that contain the detail can seem complicated.  So that's why we've created this customer data promise setting out the three key principles that Severn Trent will live by when collecting and using our customers' information.

  1. We will use your data to benefit you and if we fall short of the service we guarantee we’ll calculate and process your payment automatically
  2. We will set out our privacy and cookies policy clearly to explain what data we hold, how we use it, and who we share data with.
  3. We will keep your data secure, making sure that only those individuals that have need for specific personal data, such as health information, can access it

The service that we guarantee is set out in our Guaranteed Standards Code of Practice. Our guarantees focus on the services that you have told us that you value most as well as those defined by government that water companies have to follow. 

It also sets out the payments that you're entitled to if we fail to meet these standards. You’ll find links to our privacy and cookies policy and our Guaranteed Standards Code of Practice on this webpage. Thank you.