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Why is my water Cloudy or Milky?

Water discolouration

If your water looks milky or cloudy this can be caused by changes on our network such as bursts or emergency repair work. When there's a
burst, millions of tiny air bubbles enter your water supply, which makes it look milky or cloudy in appearance.

To check to see if it's air in your supply, fill a glass of water and leave it to one side. If it clears from the bottom up then your water is cloudy due to air bubbles
and is just a little more aerated than usual.

The issue will normally resolve itself, but you can help to clear air from your supply pipe. Just run the cold tap closest to your internal
stop tap at full flow, then slowly turn the stop tap on and off around 4-6 times.

This will help to clear the air in your water. If it's particularly bad, you may have to do this a few times.

If it doesn't improve or has been going on for a little while just get in touch and we can help.

If you've got a water meter, you're entitled to a rebate for running the water through. To request this, contact us and we'll add it to your billing account.

You can download our factsheet (PDF) for more information.