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Why is my water a different colour - brown / black / orange / yellow?

Murky or Discoloured water

If there's a leak, burst or repair work going on nearby to you, you may notice that your water looks dirty or discoloured. We show any ongoing repairs that are happening in your area on the front page, you can also report this to us if you're not sure.

When there's a leak or burst, water flows through the mains water pipe much faster than normal. This disturbs the natural sediments which makes your water look murky. It can be anything from a similar colour to white wine, to a dark chocolate depending on how far away the burst is.

The best way to clear discoloured water is to run the cold tap nearest to your internal stop tap (usually next to your kitchen tap) at a steady flow for 20 minutes. Run this at a pencil thin flow. Don’t get tempted to give the tap a good blast as that can cause the sediment to
be disturbed more, making the problem worse.

You may need to do this a few times if the water is very discoloured. If you've got a water meter, you're entitled to a rebate for running
the water through.To request this, contact us and we'll add it to your billing account.

If you’ve tried this a few times, and it’s still discoloured contact us and we’ll look into it for you.   

Watch our simple fix video below: