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Why does my water have black bits in it?

Biological film can cause very small black bits to appear in your water

You may see very small pieces of black in your water, which is usually biological film that is a natural part of our environment. It might not look nice, but it's not harmful and there is no risk to health.

This film can grow on lots of different types of surfaces, particularly in warm damp environments like kitchens and bathrooms. It can grow on walls, tiling or grouting, shower curtains, and on the inside of taps. When the water is run, it can dislodge this layer of bio film that has grown inside the tap and come out of the tap as small black, sometimes slime like pieces.

To remove this it, just clean your taps with a small brush and a gentle disinfectant (such as those used for sterilisation of baby bottles). To stop this film developing again, always wipe down wet surfaces and make sure there is good ventilation in the area. If general kitchen disinfectant is to be used then please ensure the area is rinsed thoroughly.

Black particles can also appear when using an installed or jug filter. The particles are small bits of carbon from the breakdown of the filter membrane. These are unsightly but totally harmless however it should be a signal to renew any drinking water filter you would have in use. You'll need to refer to the manufacturers instructions for how to do this.

If this problem persists or happens regularly, you can speak to one of our online advisers by clicking the pink chat button. If chat is not available you can call us on 0800 783 4444. This line is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.