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Sewer pipe responsibility

There are two main waste pipe types - drain and sewer. You're responsible for private drains and we cover the public sewers.
There are also highway drains and gullies that are the local authority's responsiblity.

Understanding sewer pipe responsibility

It’s important to understand who’s responsible for maintaining and repairing sewer pipes and drains, especially if something goes wrong.

If you'd like detailed information about the pipes and sewers in your area, you can request a sewer map from us.

Responsibility for highway drains

We are not responsible for blocked highway drains. You should report blocked highway drains to the relevant local authority - usually your county council. They are responsible for keeping road gullies clear so that water can drain away freely.

If a gully becomes blocked and causes flooding in the road, the Highways Authority will be responsible for clearing it. 

We are partly responsible for highway drainage, which is why you'll see a highway drainage charge on your bill. If too much water enters our sewers and drains, and that casues them to overflow, we are responsible.