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What is the pink/orange/black staining in my bathroom/kitchen?

Biological film which occurs naturally in the environment can cause staining

This pink or orange staining is likely to be biological film which occurs naturally in the environment. This is an airborne fungal spore and is not connected with the quality of the water supply. Although these growths can look unpleasant they are harmless and are not a risk to health.

They grow on various surfaces in warm damp environments such as kitchens and bathrooms. They can grow on walls, tile grouting, shower curtains, and on the inside of taps. Sometimes it can appear as a black slime and almost jelly like in texture, other times it can just stain tiles and fittings. Bio film can form in different colours such as red, pink and orange but most commonly is black.

To remove this bio film, the taps needs to be cleaned with a small brush and a gentle disinfectant (such as those used for sterilisation of baby bottles) and to prevent further growth always wipe down wet surfaces and improve ventilation. If general kitchen disinfectant is to be used then please ensure the area is rinsed thoroughly.

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